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Allison Slatten
Allison Slatten reigned as Queen of Osiris, 2013.

Archbishop Hannan
Archbishop Hannan served as Archbishop of New Orleans from 1965 to 1989; at age 96, he is now the oldest living Archbishop in the world.

Alan Freeman
Alan Freeman is General Manager of the Louisiana Superdome and the New Orleans Arena.

Darrell Guy, Sr.
Darrell Guy, Sr. is Director of Special Projects for the NFL YET Program at the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana.

Anne Milling
Anne Milling founded Women of the Storm in January, 2006, three months after Hurricane Katrina.

Stephen Hales
Stephen Hales is archivist for the Rex Carnival organization.

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Interview date: 8.23.15


Armand St. Martin is a popular New Orleans musician and composer. Each year in August on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Armand’s wife, Patty Lee, produces an event with her husband. The event is called Katrina Artistically Revisited. The duo produce this event out of their own pockets, and with the help of sponsors, to give local artists an opportunity to showcase their works. However, another important aspect of the event is that it remembers those who perished in the storm and honors those who survived. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and Katrina Artistically Revisited is bigger than ever. The 2015 event will feature films, live music, photographic exhibits, podcasts, published books, guest speakers, and first responder stories. The activities will be spread out over a 12-hour period from noon to midnight on Friday August 28, 2015 at The Theatres At Canal Place. All events are free except for three films that are only $5 each. For information, visit Katrina


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